Appendix A. GTK Signals

Table of Contents

A.1. GtkObject
A.2. GtkWidget
A.3. GtkData
A.4. GtkContainer
A.5. GtkCalendar
A.6. GtkEditable
A.7. GtkNotebook
A.8. GtkList
A.9. GtkMenuShell
A.10. GtkToolbar
A.11. GtkButton
A.12. GtkItem
A.13. GtkWindow
A.14. GtkHandleBox
A.15. GtkToggleButton
A.16. GtkMenuItem
A.17. GtkCheckMenuItem
A.18. GtkInputDialog
A.19. GtkColorSelection
A.20. GtkStatusBar
A.21. GtkCurve
A.22. GtkAdjustment

As PyGTK is an object oriented widget set, it has a hierarchy of inheritance. This inheritance mechanism applies for signals. Therefore, you should refer to the widget hierarchy tree when using the signals listed in this section.

A.1. GtkObject

  destroy(object, data)