3. Moving on: Object Oriented Applets

Now that we know the basic steps to create and run the applet, we're going to structure the code in a simple way. We'll create a sample class, that will contain all the applet code. The new sample_applet_factory will call the class constructor:

        def sample_applet_factory(applet, iid):
            return gtk.TRUE

3.1. The class definition

The sample class will have the following skeleton, that we'll explain soon:

        [import section]

        class Sample:

              [class methods]

              [callbacks methods]
              [optional timeout callback method]
              [create popup menu with the applet options]
               __init__ method
                        [some instance variable definitions]          

                        [signals handlers definitions]

                        [widget definitions]

                        [optionally reading glade.XML]

                        [signal_autoconnect to handlers]